Without words is a compilation of compositions I produced and recorded between 2004 and 2008, some tracks were composed back in 2000 and 2001, some pieces were meant to be just musical moments, other tracks were just a rough mix that simply never got updated.


All tracks written, performed,recorded and mixed by Alejandro Misteró.

Except "Silencio" Guitar: Sam Moreno Bass: Pablo Vela


All tracks were written, performed, recorded and mixed by Alejandro Misteró @The Zendo, Tijuana, Mx. And Chapultepec Apartment in Mexico City. During 2013 and 2014. Except for "These Days" written and performed by Moisés Horta & Alejandro Misteró @the zendo, tijuana, mexico 2014.




The band Ambiente was formed in early 2000 by Alejandro Misteró, Julio Pillado, Omar Lizarraga and Pablo Vela. On 2003, Pillado and Lizarraga left the band, and Zoell Farrugia and Samuel Moreno joined Ambiente. 


This untitled Album was recorded in 2006, produced  and recorded by Maurizio Terracina (Zurdok) and Alejandro Misteró in Tijuana. Performed by Zoell Farrugia on Drums, Samuel Moreno on Guitars, Pablo Vela on Bass, Alejandro Misteró on Guitars, and Chris on Violins and Cellos.


Superheroes Make Children Cry is a project I started back in 2003, which was basicaly compositions intended to be electronical lullabies or just music for kids, but rapidly turned into something else, probably an essay or exploration of childhood itself but viewed from the eyes and experience of a 21 year old boy who had just lost his father and at the same time had just become am uncle/father himself.​


All tracks written, performed, recorded and mixed by Alejandro Misteró.

Except "aún nos falta por llegar a los cometas" recorded by Joe Bañuelos, performed by Julio PIllado on guitar, Pablo Vela on bass, Omar Lizarraga on drums, Alejandro Misteró on guitars and farfisa.